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An analytical product / UX designer that solves real -world problems for users.

Real people

Driven by empathy, my diverse experience across B2B SaaS platforms, B2C mobile apps, and healthcare web interfaces highlights my proficiency in design strategy, user research, and end-to-end design. As a dedicated team player, I am eager to contribute to your next project and create something extraordinary together.

El Cook  App.

Designing a Recipe App.

Skills: UXR, UX & UI design

This is a simple intuitive application, where you can easily find Mediterranean recipes.

It provides users with step-by-step instructional recipes, articles, tutorials & videos.

Designing an All-in-One Management Platform Dashboard. 

Skills: UXR, UX & UI design

Redesign of the "" platform,  Usability testing showed increased Customer satisfaction; CSAT by 99%.

Enterprise B2B Platform -


Enterprise B2B Platform -

Re-designing the User Experience of: "Adding to Inventory"

Skills: UXR, UX & UI design

I have Improved the efficiency and experience of inventory user-flows & IA of the "" platform, and usability testing showed an increased CSAT by 99%.


Save App. 

Interactive Design for a Saving App.

Skills: UX / UI  & interaction design

 This is a freelance project. this application manages savings. This case study focuses on interaction design.




An Informative Website for NICU Parents.

Skills: UXR & UX Design

Healthcare info for new & current NICU parents. Using UX research & design to build a comprehensive resource for parents with premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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