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Nice to meet you!

My name is Dalia Heidar.

I am a product, UI/UX designer with over ten years of experience in the art & design industry. I have more than three years of experience in product & UI/UX design.

I strive to utilize my analytical & creative abilities in every project I undertake.

I am an empathetic product & UI/UX designer; call me a user-whisperer. I love crafting inspiring digital spaces by understanding needs, sketching ideas, and conjuring up designs by simplifying & breaking down tasks.  

I have a diverse background that includes experience in product design, UI/UX, design, visual digital design, research and analysis, sales and marketing, and managing groups of junior designers and students. I love solving problems, and I'm particularly skilled in human-centered experience design, user interactions, feature definition, user flows, wireframing, prototype creation, IA, and site maps. I enjoy working with a team and contributing my skills whenever possible.

I hold certificates in UI/UX & front-end development to ensure top-notch design outcomes. I find great pleasure in being creative, whether it's in the workplace or outside of it. I enjoy painting, pencil etching, and exploring the world, always eager to expand my knowledge and discover new opportunities.

I absolutely love exploring new countries and immersing myself in different cultures. So far, I've been fortunate enough to visit 15 countries and have met some truly amazing people along the way. It never ceases to amaze me how much we all have in common, despite our differences. When I'm not busy working on innovative projects, I enjoy going camping in the desert, planning exciting trips, practicing yoga, or just kicking back and watching a good TV series.

Life is an adventure and I'm always eager for what comes next!

Skills & Tools

My Skills & Tools

My skill set is diverse and exceptional, covering a range of areas from interior design to product & UI/UX design. Regardless of the specific focus, my approach is always the same: thorough research, intensive brainstorming, and a deep understanding of human behavior to create designs that truly meet user needs.

In order to ensure that these designs are effective, I also prioritize crucial steps like prototyping and testing. Overall, my skills are highly valuable, and some of their key highlights are listed below.

UI Design Skills

  • User interface elements, patterns & hierarchy.

  • Design principles, heuristics & style guides

  • Wireframing

       (low, mid & high-fidelity)

  • Building a cohesive brand

  • Typography, iconography symbol design

  • Mobile app design

  • Design systems

  • Responsive web app

  • Responsive grids​​

  • Motion design

  • 3D illustration

  • Design Principles

  • Symbol Design

  • Design Systems

  • Iconography

  • Typography

  • Heuristics

  • Style Guides

  • Mockups

  • Prototypes

  • Mobile App. Design Native

       (IOS & Android)

  • Branding

  • Interaction Design

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Low, Mid & High-fidelity Wireframes.

UX Design Skills

  • User experience 

  • User psychology.

  • Information architecture. IA

  • User testing (qualitative

       & quantitative testing)​​​​

  • A/B Testing

  • User flows and journeys

  • Web design 

  • Design Thinking

  • Business Requirements Documentation

  • Personas

  • User Stories

  • Analyzing Data

  • User Psychology

  • User Journeys


  • User Research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • User Surveys

  • User Interviews

  • Low, Mid & High-fidelity Wireframes

UI / UX Design Tools

  • Figma

  • Sketch

  • InVision

  • Adobe Suite (Illustrator- Photoshop - XD - Dimensions)​

  • Flinto​

  • Jira


  • Vray

  • 3DMAX

  • Autodesk Certificates

  • Certified Professional “Revit® Architecture” 2020 

  • Microsoft Office

My Favorite Creative Passions

I am truly passionate about various forms of art, including painting, pencil etching, & 3D modeling. However, nothing compares to my love for traveling and immersing myself in different cultures. It is a truly transformative experience to connect with people, socialize, and recognize our shared humanity. I would be delighted to share with you some of my artwork and travel experiences that demonstrate my passion and expertise.

Image by Daniel Mingook Kim
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