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Project UX Design Studies -El Cook

My process was to take the user goals and branding to analyze the potential solutions after researching

user stories & pesonnas. Consequently, construct a plan on how the product would function via the user flows. These would help define the required interface and interactions in the wireframing and mockup phases, following the “Design thinking process” methodology.

User-Centered Design Process.


Construct research to

a better understanding

of users 

Use research

to observe needs &

current users' problems.

Brainstorm solutions; highlight opportunities for innovation.

Transform ideas into physical & interactive format.

Conduct testing with users & iterate based on feedback

Document the final solution & put implemented vision. 

Undestand & Discover

Competitive Analysis

Various stages of competitor analysis and user research were performed t as:

  • Competitor Overview

  • Marketing Profile

  • SWOT Analysis

  • UX Analysis.

Anchor 1

Kitchen Stories



  • They offer a wide range of impressive options and activities and interactive content.

  • Relatively popular with engaging features with more than a million subscribers built-up throughout the previous 6 years.

  • The toggle switch for choice between metric or imperial measurements is a nice option, especially with users across the world.

  • In addition, the option to customize the ingredients list by changing the serving quantity is a useful touch.


  • Massive selection of recipes, without focusing on specified targeted groups or areas. 

Forks Over



  • They offer a wide range of impressive options and activities based on a healthy lifestyle perspective which attracts many especially basing info and advice on professionals.

  • It relates ingredients and recipes to specific health conditions through "Health Topics".


  • Does not focus on specific styles of cooking only on the fact that all recipes are plant-based. 

  • Most features require payment without free trials to lure users.

Various research methods were performed such as online research & user interviews. After recruiting 8 potential users, to gain insight into the needs, behaviors, goals, and pain points of the potential targeted audience.

Resulting in specific research findings, after mapping out the obvious information & patterns which helped in creating personas and shaping the direction and MVP of this project.

Synthesis of performed interviews noted the following patterns and research results :

Noted Patterns

 Most don’t use cooking apps except one. Some check Instagram or Google for answers and YouTube videos. Most prefer mobile phones. Most prefer videos.

Noted Frustrations

Not knowing what to do when some products were scarce in certain areas.

 Noted Discovery

Most were not focused on Mediterranean meals, even if it was part of their heritage. Some felt that Google and YouTube were enough. Some found they liked tips from Facebook groups or Instagram.

Noted Goals

Top deals, quick videos with ratings, coupons, tips, and advice

Noted Quote

"I don’t worry about products or videos…. Google search does the job."

Noted feature

Provide free use of basic features to lure users, without a mandatory subscription.

Research Insights


User Personas

First Persona


Following user research, a pattern of 3 personas was created as shown below.



  • Family

  • Socializing

  • Nature

  • Cooking

  • Outings


  • Isolation

  • Missing Products

  • Racism and Arrogance

  • Boredem

Main Points

  • Extrovert

  • Family oriented.

  • Feeler




Loves nature & sports.

Second Persona



  • Art & Music

  • Reading

  • Peace

  • Cooking Time with Family


  • Invasion of Privacy

  • Clutter

  • Not being Direct

  • Noise

  • Junk food

Main Points

  • Introvert

  • Family oriented.

  • Feeler/ Thinker


Third Persona


  • New Technologies

  • Socializing 

  • Sports

  • Cooking


  • Long videos with advertisements.

  • Pricey products/bad deals.

  •  Not being able to get products shipped.

Main Points

  • Extrovert

  • Single

  •  Thinker

MVP and Key Feature Requirements

Based on the research findings, I mapped out the obvious patterns which help to shape the direction and MVP of my project:

1. Allow users to search for a food ingredient available in local shops and compare prices.

2. Provide delivery service option from small stores that do not offer it, as some ingredients are not found locally except in those stores.

3. Include nutrition data and control serving size, while in some casrs provideing alternative ingredients. 

4. Provide videos for recipes as most users prefered.






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