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An analytical product / UX designer that solves real -world problems for users.

Real people

I am a data-driven product, UI /UX designer with a Ph.D. in Design and 10+ years of experience in digital design and research. I create impactful user experiences. I specialize in human-centered design, improving user accessibility & engagement for over 3 years. Join me on a journey where research meets design, transforming ideas into immersive experiences.
Designing an All-in-One Management Platform Dashboard. 

Skills: UXR, UX & UI design

Redesign of the "" platform,  Usability testing showed increased Customer satisfaction; CSAT by 99%.

Enterprise B2B Platform -


Enterprise B2B Platform -

Re-designing the User Experience of: "Adding to Inventory"

Skills: UXR, UX & UI design

I have Improved the efficiency & experience of inventory user-flows & IA of the "" platform, Usability testing showed an increased CSAT by 99%.


Save App. 

Interactive Design for a Saving App.

Skills: UX / UI  & interaction design

A freelance product that shows simple interactions.




An Informative Website for NICU Parents.

Skills: UXR & UX Design

Healthcare info for new & current NICU parents. Using UX research & design to build a comprehensive resource for parents with premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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